High Off Life, LLC. is a Lifestyle Brand and Entertainment Company. Established in 2009, the company set out to become a premier independent platform for music, clothing, and live events. By focusing on creating and providing unique online content while partnering with proven brands across the country, the company website (http://www.HighOffLife.com) found itself pulling in over 2 million hits within the first year of launch. 

The founding principle of High Off Life encourages positivity and inspiration; living one’s life with a natural sense of purpose. In a world where negativity plagues the news, where struggle is widespread, it’s a constant battle to overcome adversity. Our brand represents that hope & determination. We’ve introduced various clothing designs to the marketplace, allowing our growing tribe of like-minded individuals to help speak our theory loud & clear.

From day one, our original aim was to capture a positive lifestyle not only through our actions, but also through our clothing. Representing an ideal such as High Off Life is truly a ‘fashion statement’. We started out of the trunk in Pennsylvania & have grown to a fully functional online store. Our brand has been seen at major events throughout the music industry, and we’ve also sponsored sporting events & even Zumbathon’s. We abide by the following principle; first appearance is what people remember you by, so make sure it’s something worthwhile! Give them something to remember!